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Afia Schwarzenegger’s Tips On Wedding Planning Will Shake You

According to Afia Schwarzenegger, marriage is not a competition, neither is it a point of proving action. It is a lifetime decision to stick together with someone through thick and thin. It has been weeks since she got married to her sweetheart and this is what she had to share about planning for a wedding. Here you go:

I think your wedding is to make you happy not miserable. It must fit in your budget. The fact that someone did something on their wedding doesn’t necessarily mean you should do the same. So why spend thousands of dollars/cedis on your wedding? Every Ghanaian bride is wearing kente as if it is a wedding uniform,there are a lot of pretty fabrics that are more expensive and classier than kente. We also have our local prints which are very affordable and speak more volume than Kente. So why is every bride wearing Kente? Please think out of the box and wow your man with intelligence.
Before meeting a wedding planner you should read and know exactly what you want. From the day the dude proposes till u walk the aisle, please read. Research on Google. The wedding planners have very good taste but paying 15,000 or 10,000 for wedding decor is not a joke at all. But ask yourself after posting pictures on social media with the usual comments,  what else? Let me give u a free lecture on business…that 15,000 can buy a hyundai Atos and operate as taxi/Uber…and bring you profits. I am not saying don’t do decor or a rent venue but if you are clearing your account to please society then you should be worried. If you are taking a loan to please society then think twice. 
By now you should know my thoughts on that drama…Really? Don’t you know that wherever 3 or more women are gathered, Drama is in their midst? Why assemble 3-5 women to add stress to your wedding and buy them clothes(even if they are paying for their own clothes)? My experience as an mc has taught me a lot about bridesmaids. They are the first to give you free information and unwanted details of the couple. If they are truly your friends, they should support you with that money(that is if they are buying their own clothes) and make themselves useful by supervising the caterers and keeping their eyes on the grounds for you. 
Give me a reason why you will invite someone who never cared when you were sick to your wedding. why must that friend that u haven’t seen or heard from in years be invited to your wedding? Or a relative that hasnt spoken to you in 12 months? Instead of you inviting the entire constituency who will go spreading rubbish about the food not been enough blah blah blah, put together 50 of your favourite people and give them the party of their life. Remember, not everyone wishes you well. 

Give your guests something that will make them remember your wedding. 

We have copied the whites so blindly and forgotten who we are. Why don’t you opt for ‘Koobi Agwamoo’ (braised rice made with salted fish), which is more unique than the everyday fried rice we serve at every occasion. Opt for a cheaper choice; why don’t u replace your potatoes salad with yam salad and have ur guest saying, “Woow this is different and nice”. Not forgetting that yams are cheaper than potatoes yet you can’t compare potatoe salad to yam salad.
You will have to make sure what they eat is of good quality yet within your budget. Don’t let the caterers push you. Once again, I have been to so many rich weddings in and outside Ghana and their menu will wow you making you wonder who the poor people copy from. The simplicity and the localness of their menu will shock you, and I mean these are people who can spend thousands of dollars on food. Why must u cut a wedding cake if u can’t afford it? In some cases like mine where I don’t eat cake or any other pastries, why must I buy cake for people to come and eat while I sit and stare? The most important person present that needs to be pleased is your spouse, every other person is there to support you. And I know by now someone is saying the cake is significant cos of the sweet and sour story that is preached. We are in 2017 darling, wake up! 
Source: Afia Schwar facebook page

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