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Abnormality Is The New Cool, Strive To Be Unusual

Yesterday was one of the days I had the chance to really make a statement among a lot  of women. It was a seminar organised by Ispace Hub in Labone, Accra, to celebrate women on the occasion of Women’s Day. Before I delve into the main article, calculate:


This was the question that Madam Ellen Hagan asked while engaging us on the theme, “The Life of a Female Entrepreneur”. Obviously, most people gave the answer as 200. But do you remember the principle of BODMAS? Yeah! That will give us a different answer altogether. So I boldly and with pride answered that the correct answer is 110. And guess what title I got after giving out my answer….  

“This lady is abnormal”, said the speaker,  and she further on congratulated me for thinking outside the box. The point the speaker wanted to make by calling me ‘abnormal’ is what I am about to share with you.

Most times,  we are swayed by the  currents or tide and so we tend to do what everyone else is doing. Nobody wants to do something out of the ordinary or contrary to what everyone else is doing. But truth of the matter is, if you are not doing something different no one will recognize you in the already choked society that we find ourselves where everyone is simply replicating what already exists. 

It lies within ourselves to do something outside of the box and to do things that no one else have yet thought about. Be peculiar about your environment. Be eager to dig deeper than the surface in order to do extraordinary things that no one else has yet thought about. That is what makes you stand out. 

It’s okay to be what you want to be without taking greater risks but that will only mean you are being normal, just like any other person around you. What differentiates the successful and famous from the poor is that the former takes greater strides in life. Laziness is not in the bones of any great person. It takes dedication and constant learning to be ‘abnormal’. 

If you really want to be successful, ignore the hearsay and keep it real with yourself. Stop shutting down the child in you and allow your imaginations to grow wild. Otherwise, forget about making any mark in your world. Being abnormal means taking risks. It also means sleeping less and managing your life contrary to popular believes or lifestyle. 

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  1. Really inspiring.

  2. Ebenezer M. Mensah Jr.

    Wow! This is insightful. Thank very much Justica.

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