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What Are You Thankful For? 

Being on a traumatic path is not something to joke about. You become a bit out of yourself and people begin to look at you strange. You lose interest in  some of the things that you previously loved. You practically lose sight of all the wonderful people and opportunities around you. So is there a way out of all the things I am going through? You may ask yourself this and many other questions. The only thing you may forget to do is to be  thankful. 

We all have being on this path and somehow you find someone who comes along and holds your hand and shows you that everything will be okay. I have been fortuned with some of such people in my life. After many days of what seemed like an unending time of distress for me, my good friend Rasheed,  in a bid to console me, spoke the most profound things to me that I will never forget in my lifetime. He said to me,  “Anima you’ve got to look at the bright side sometimes and be thankful for the things you have”. So I asked him, “What are some of the things you are thankful for?”, and the words that follow were his response. 


Rasheed said he was thankful for the people that he is privileged to call family. Although it isn’t the perfect family that he would have loved to have, he was grateful for their existence, love and support. There were tough and difficult times within the family but he wondered what he would have done without such people around. 


Sometimes we fail to recognise the sort of impact that our close friends have on us. These are people we can easily relate to outside of our family. They are people who sometimes offer a shoulder to cry on when all hell break lose on us. Some friends are more than family and it is only right that you thank God for the great people that he brings your way called friends. 


We are all uniquely made to use our differences for building eachother. Unfortunately, most of us blindly oppress others with our talents and skill sets while others fail to utilise theirs at all. The result of the abuse of our talents is that we later term them as our weaknesses which is often far from the real truth. There is a saying that when you fail to appreciate the things you have, you tend to lose them. I cannot agree less. You know why? Because like all gifts, talents are supposed be explored, appreciated and shared with everyone around us. Failure  to do so ends up making us unhappy and less fulfilled. Exhibit your talents of writing, singing, painting, dancing, cooking, reading, swimming, and many more, and you will always be grateful you did.  


You need to be thankful for the opportunities you have. Not everyone has had the chance to experience the things you have experienced in your life. Not everyone has been able to attain your academic level, and not everyone has been to the places you have been to. You should thank your stars for the people you have been able to meet and associate with. Opportunities that come your way are a sign of greater ones that are ahead of you. The more happier you are about your previous opportunities, the more better doors begin to open for you. Whether your opportunities turned out sweet or bitter, it is no reason for you to be sad. It only means that you are strong enough to handle anything else that comes your way. 


My favorite part of all the things that Rasheed and I talked about is this one. He mentioned the fact that his sister was a singer because of him, and his brother a writer because of him. This tells us the power of influence. We all have that one person who has chosen a path because of our presence in their lives, and that is one thing we should always be thankful for. Your nextdoor neighborhood, church member, colleague, or even social media follower may have made a positive  turn around because of you. And although you may or may not know it, always be thankful for such people wherever they may be. Make new goals to influence as many lives as you can and see how happy you will be. 

So back to the question: What are you thankful for? Share with me in the comment box below. 
Photo Credit: Salma Mumin/ IG page

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  1. Awesome piece. I’m inspired. Thank you.

  2. Awesome piece. Thank you for the inspiration.

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    Awesome piece. Thank you for the inspiration.

  4. Thanks for reading my dear. I’m glad you’re inspired.

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