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10 Things I Love About Ghana At 61

So many things inspire me about Ghana. We are a people with a deep history and culture. I love that I can wake up and walk around without caring much about insecurity or war. Ghana is a place to be, safe, friendly, and rich. On independence day, here are 10 things I love about Ghana:


We enjoy a sense of family here as we are a people who look out for each other. Occasions like weddings, funerals, naming ceremony, are tailored to accommodate many friends and family. We value togetherness and exhibit it in our relationships towards each other. This is rare in some parts of the world, and for that I am grateful.


Tell you what, you’ve got to love our sense of humor towards even the most deepest of issues. We take to discussions on the media and personal interactions to make fun of pertinent local and national issues which in a way reduces tension. Sometimes a little humor is needed to cool tempers in a heated situation and you can count on Ghanaians to do that best.


Wow! You’ve got to love our varied range of food from different backgrounds and ethnicity. We have abundance and varieties to choose from. This makes us blessed as a nation. I hope that we can channel some of these resources to helping deprived nations where there is hunger strike.


Our history is a deep rooted one. We have a history as the gateway to Africa, the first African nation to gain independence. On 6th March we celebrate our independence from colonial rule. Different ethnic group share in this history by tracing their origin and narratives back to various backgrounds. One of my favorite historical lessons is the migration stories of how all the major ethnic groups settled in Ghana.

A nation without history is a lost one.

Cultural values

We have unique cultural values that help guard us as a people. These values form our moral attitude and shapes our way of life. Every cultural value by the various tribes molds and disciplines the people for which they were made for. We pass this on to the next generation as a true sign of heritage. This helps us to uphold traditions and be true Patriots of our nation.


This is the most used form of transportation in Ghana. Some prefer to call it ‘troski’. I love it because of the conversations and controversies that sometimes come up in the vehicle. Some people are just talkers and would sieze the opportunity to start a discussion in the Trotro bus. Others just like to mind their business while seated firmly in their positions. For me, I just enjoy the ride and background news or music. Sometimes too I join in the discussion if it is interesting.

Tourist attractions

Travel and see, they say. I must admit that indeed travel and discover new places for yourself. Ghana is no exception when it comes to rich tourist sites. There are great natural sites and man made places to visit and learn from. One such place I am yet to visit is the Manhyia Palace in the Ashanti Region.


Undeniably, we have one of the best educational systems in Africa. Most people travel far and near to study in our schools. Our students are well equipped to compete with international students and mostly come out as the best. What more can I say?


We are a hardworking people who believe that it is the only way to be great. Our men are industrious, and so are our women and youth. Hardwork is the backbone of our industrial and agricultural sectors. I am proud to say I work hard in order to earn what I deserve, likewise every other person that I know and have come across.


Peace and love is our mantra. Most nations can attest to the enviable state that our peace drives them. We are a people who are understanding and careful not to stir up strife. Don’t you love us already?

Cheers to Ghana at 61. May we live great and strong forever!

I would love to hear from you. Share with me what you love about Ghana in the comments box.

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  1. As for the food it is important paa

  2. interesting piece…funny enough some of us dont appreciate what we have as a country

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